ישראל הדרי - צלם סטילס מקצועי לאירועים עסקיים וצילומי תדמית - Israel Hadari - professional stills photographer for business events and image shoots

Let’s get acquainted,
I am Israel Hadari, a photographer. For more than 30 years I have specialized in still photography of all kinds – portraits and headshot photography, public relations photos, and business events. As a child, I always carried a camera, and I became a professional photographer by following my heart. I began as an apprentice and quickly became an independent photographer. Along the way, I have enthusiastically learned from everyone around me.

I began my career in the age of film. I have always strived to utilize the latest photographic technologies and was one of the pioneers of digital photography in Israel. My clients receive top quality products and fast, comprehensive service.

צלם עיתונות, צילום פוליטיקאים ואירועים חברתיים, ישראל הדרי - Photojournalist, photographing politicians and social events, Israel Hadari.
Over the years I have been invited to document events and personalities from a variety of worlds and for diverse purposes. I have photographed leaders from around the globe in Israel and abroad; accompanied political candidates on their campaign trails; and worked regularly with leading hi-tech companies. I have shot hundreds of events and thousands of personal portraits of managers, employees and entrepreneurs.

When I photograph an event, my goal is to extract the maximum from each moment. My experience and ability enables me to be sensitive to details and to orchestrate the conditions for an exciting photo, a photo that will tell the whole story – in one frame.

I also shoot personal headshot photos. When I meet with a client, I try to create a congenial, relaxed atmosphere. Because when you feel relaxed and comfortable, it won’t take long before my camera lens has captured the best version of you.

My clients attest that I understand what’s important to them and they know they can count on me to focus exactly on that. Those who choose to work with me enjoy complete confidence that they will come away with a wide selection of winning photos, photos that will serve them towards any goal, now and far into the future.

A current, dignified picture makes all the difference. Contact me and we'll talk about how we can create an image that will attract relevant clients to your business.

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